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Like carpets, rugs require proper maintenance to retain their appearance and durability. Area rugs are usually made of more delicate fibers, questionable dyes and woven constructions that can easily be damaged by do-it-yourself procedures or even professionals without adequate training and experience.

Certified technicians are trained to recognize different fibers, construction, and types of carpet and rugs, along with their potential problems. They have the proper equipment, training, and experience to restore the beauty of carpet and rugs — improving the look of your home or business and protecting the indoor environment, as well as your investment.

We are Your Best Choice in Rug Cleaning Professionals

Our rug cleaning processes have been fine-tuned to suit all your needs. They include:

  1. Pre-inspection: Carefully inspecting and measuring your area and oriental rugs before cleaning.
  2. Rug dusting: Removing loose soil and debris from your rug.
  3. Rug washing and rinsing: Thorough washing and rinsing with pressurized water.
  4. Rug inspected: Inspecting whether the stains and spots have been removed.
  5. Drying room: Drying in a controlled environment within our modern facility.
  6. Final inspection: Complete checking to ensure quality workmanship.

We Can Remove All Types of Rug Stains

  • Wax
  • Ink
  • Glue
  • Chewing gum
  • Gritty soil
  • Debris

There are Many Reasons to Choose Our Services

Our free pickup and delivery options are just one of the many reasons to choose us. We accept cash, and we carry discounts on all our area rug cleaning services. We’ve been in the business long enough to be certified master cleaners of all types of rugs. Stop by our Lodi in-plant operation and offices to learn more.

Check Out the Wonders of Wool

If your Oriental rug made of wool, then you’ll want to know you’ve made a sound financial choice. Oriental rugs made of wool are easy to maintain and economical. Woolen rugs are durable and last longer than rugs made of other materials. This is because, unlike other materials, wool is more resilient, easier to clean, and maintains its clean look longer than others. We are experts at cleaning and maintaining wool Oriental rugs and area rugs.

We are the area’s professional carpet cleaners and are waiting to hear from you.

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